At iloveminiatures, you'll find unique & affordable doll house miniatures
from around the world like miniature food, miniature accessories,
handcrafted miniatures, Oriental accessories, store accessories, vintage
style miniatures and much much more!  

Please be sure to check out my photo gallery, thank you for stopping by
and ENJOY !

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dollhouse miniatures food
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Miniature Drinks
Miniature Liquor
Miniature food
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Miniature Breakfast
Miniature Entrée
Miniature Dessert
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Miniature Condiments
Miniature Tableware
Miniature Cake Stands
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Miniature Store Fixtures
Miniatures from England
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Oriental Miniatures
Miniature Tea Pots
Miniature Counter Display
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Miniature Vintage Style Tins
Miniature General Store
Miniature Vintage Style Poster
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Mini Café
Miniatures for Holidays
Unique Miniatures
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